Danville, 70 Denier, 140 Denier, 210 Denier, 4 Strand 300 Denier

Danville, 70 Denier, 140 Denier, 210 Denier, 4 Strand 300 Denier


~6/0 Thread, 200 yards, 70 Denier, Waxed. Danville is one of the oldest fly-tying thread companies the U.S. In reference to thread size and strengths, they are used as a standard. All Danville thread is made of nylon. Flymaster. This is a flat fine thread and is also called Danville 6/0. Flymaster is a great thread for smaller flies and where low thread buildup is critical. It is probably the most widely used thread in the world and it is the standard to which other fine threads are compared.


~A wonderful all-purpose tying thread perfect for both fresh and saltwater fly tying alike, Danville's versatile 140d Flymaster Plus comes conveniently pre-waxed and measures a thin yet remarkably resilient 140 denier. With nearly twice the strength of their traditional 6/0 thread, and notably less bulk than heavier 3/0 offerings, Danville's 140d Flymaster Plus naturally wants to lay flat when relaxed and wrapped, but can easily spun round when desired too. Excellent for heavy tension tying, and our favorite for choice for creating split-thread dubbing loops as well, we Danville's 140 Flymaster Plus in a range of popular colors certain to please.


~Prized for its strength and resistance to frays, Danville's Flat Wax Nylon lays smooth with great natural sheen. A popular favorite among saltwater fly tiers, Flat Wax Nylon is great for covering lead underbodies on freshwater trout nymphs, and for creating floss-like tags and butts on salmon and steelhead patterns as well. Available in a variety of wonderful colors certain to please, give Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon a try.


~A longtime fly tier's favorite, Danville's Four-Strand Rayon Floss is both easy to work with and quite durable too. Easily separated into individual strands for wrapping for slimmer tags, butts and bodies, or wound whole for faster coverage and a bulkier profile, we offer Danville's 4-Strand Rayon Floss in a wide assortment of expertly dyed colors certain to please.

(10yds per spool)

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