Krystal Flush

Hardly expendable material in the construction mainly streamer flies.

Oval  Tinsel 

The oval tinsel is spun from coated flat sheet. It is intended primarily for making bodies of all kinds ringing flies.
It is less durable than Colour Wire, but very light ..


Flat Tinsel


Holographic Hair

Somewhat coarser fiber tracts with strong gloss. are
used primarily to enhance the visibility of larger
streamers. They can be used in many other ways, eg. To bind bodies of midges and streamers, the ringing of all types of flies, to create small details of flies such as tips, headers, etc. ridges.

Fine Hair

Very fine fibers without luster, but with a very supple
motion in the water. This material can be easily combined Marabou feathers, but also materials, which are water-static and feathers Marabou in this case is suitable for the construction of flies. The material is intended primarily for tying streamers and larger flies.

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