Wychwood Fly Reels

Wychwood Fly Reels

SLA MKII Champagne Fly Reel 5/6-wt 

SLA MKII cassette fly reel has been created with the help of some extremely high design specifications. The original SLA challenged the boundaries of production, but with this new version, those boundaries have been pushed to the limit!  


Flow Fly Reels


  • Flow-Beyond Expectations

    This new sub-brand redefines value without compromise on performance via pioneering design & high-quality manufacturing

    Portraying a product at a far superior price-point, new Flow reels are offered for an inconceivable price to consumers. Final design is uncompromised with perfectly balanced symmetry creating an unparalleled smoothness in operation

    As well as captivating aesthetics the fly reels are built around one core element, the braking system, consisting of a patented Rulon drag system housed within a semi-sealed protective casing to keep the elements free from dirt and grime

    The reels are constructed from pressure-cast aluminium offering unrivalled weights significantly lighter than any cassette fly reel on the market. With full aluminium spools competitively priced at 14.99 in an array of colours these reels offer value beyond expectations!

    Reels are available in two sizes #5/6 and #7/8 with two colour options, Platinum or Titanium.



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SLA MKII Champagne Fly Reel 5/6-wt
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Wychwood Flow Fly Reels
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