Fly Vests and Jackets

Fly Vests and Jackets

Gorge Waiscoat

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Designed to the highest specification the Wychwood Gorge Vest offers all the practicality of a multi pocket vest and comes with its own unique features.

There are eleven pockets in all, including generous bellowed pockets on the front which have been sized to fit most fly box styles and measurements. On the back there are more storage options, including a back panel which can be zipped off for ventilation and used in conjunction with the carry strap provided as an 'over the shoulder bag'.

  • 11 pockets on the front, three zipped and bellowed
  • Removeable back panel for ventilation, it can also double as a shoulder bag
  • Double zingers
  • Rubberized tool stations
  • Quick drain pockets
  • Rod station
  • Fly patch
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